Cocktail Parties 101

Creating a mood should be top priority when planning a cocktail party. Festive and colorful always sets the tone for an evening of fun. I want my home to exude creativity and inspire, always, but especially when it’s party time.   Girl’s soiree? Encourage your guests to wear their most girly outfits – men don’t […]

Ceilings Need Love Too

Ceilings are often forgotten about. They are cast aside, ignored and callously used for shelter and hanging light fixtures, never to get a second glance. Such a waste!   After months of prodding and suggesting, our favorite Japanese cuisine purveyor, Uptown Sushi, followed our advice and painted the ceiling Caviar. Neither black nor brown or […]

Holiday Tradition Remix

Christmas decorating can be done in style. It’s simply a matter of giving old-school traditions a fresh new twist. Here’s some inspiration. All the best, all in one place, just in the knick of time! Happy Holidays from LLI. XX          

Why You Want! Need! Must Have! an Interior Designer

Designing a home is a monumental task. It’s a delicate balance between old and new, trend and timelessness. A sense of style will take you part of the way, but an experienced Interior Designer will make it a home run. At LLI, we dedicate a lot of time to finding out WHO our client is. […]

Upgrade Your Art

Just because the artwork you found at a garage sale fifteen years ago looks a little dated doesn’t mean you should toss it. Just like fashion, art styles and trends come and go with the seasons, so it’s a great idea to keep options handy when you want to update and upgrade your home. Try […]

Sitting Pretty

Most people revolve their seating arrangements around the television. But alternative seating is a must for those of us who want to be in the room with the family, without necessarily watching the tube. Plus, rooms look so much cozier and welcoming when there are plenty of places to sit.     Some people think […]

Super Model Kitchen: Our Top 10 Tips

Kitchens are key when it comes to home value. After all, it’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make it look timeless and feel tailored to your lifestyle. Remodeling your kitchen is a great opportunity to make a statement. Whether it’s a current color you love and […]

Casting a Glance at Casters

We love casters. They impart a historical feel to modern pieces… in all the right places. There’s also something non-committal about casters, which we love. Like French mobilier, castered pieces are mobile and moveable, on a seasonal or whimsical basis. No commitment. No problem. We love casters on an ottoman… or an oversized coffee table, […]

Haute Baby Rooms

Designing a baby room can be daunting: it should reflect the parent’s aesthetic but be tailored to a baby’s needs. At the same time, it should be timeless. Here are some tips for a not-so-baby-ish, baby room:   Avoid primary colors and pastels – choose muted versions of adult shades, instead. We like to combine […]

Long Legs and Short Skirts

Oh – the leggy rooms we’ve seen! It’s one of the first things we notice when we walk into a space that needs TLC. Don’t you remember when your mother used to tell you to pull your skirt down? The same applies for interiors – no one wants to see the bareness underneath! Another option […]