Super Model Kitchen: Our Top 10 Tips

Kitchens are key when it comes to home value. After all, it’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make it look timeless and feel tailored to your lifestyle. Remodeling your kitchen is...

Kitchens are key when it comes to home value. After all, it’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make it look timeless and feel tailored to your lifestyle. Remodeling your kitchen is a great opportunity to make a statement. Whether it’s a current color you love and want to accentuate, a certain hardware you are dying to use more of, or that big, bold island you’ve always wanted – make it yours. Here at LLI, we believe thinking a little out of the box is a great place to start.

Here’s our top 10 tips for transforming your kitchen:

  • Matchy-matchy is outdated when picking shoes, handbags, and also when selecting countertops: try using different shades of your color palette for the surround and the island. This will prevent the camouflage-effect and add dimension. And say sayonara to granite and hello to marble or man-made composite countertops! We mean it when we say these are life changers for any countertop space and worth every penny. You can physically see and feel the difference through the creamy textures and hefty lay.
  • Take inventory of what you have and plan cabinet space accordingly. Consider using open shelving at the kitchen’s focal point: wood or stainless, depending on the context. Breaking up the heavy cabinetry for open shelving or a hutch is the perfect way to ease the visual composition and allow for breathing room. For below the counters, try using large drawers instead of cupboards: they are more efficient and hold a lot more.
  • Hide electrical outlets under cabinets and in drawers. They are NOT decorative, and most of the time multiple wires are plugged in, anyways. No one wants to see that out and about!
  • Stick to simple, polished fixtures. Crystal is for the dining room, so opt for functional bulbs and a covering that won’t go out of style in 2 years.
  • Speaking of crystal, forget about displaying wedding gifts you’ve never used. Instead, only display pretty, everyday crockery and glasses that complement the décor. It’s all about being authentic. Just look around at what you already have! If you use it often, and its visually pleasing to look at, display it for everyone to see.
  • For the floor, try unusual tile shapes and placement. 12×12 is kind-of cliche. Have fun with it: if you go with the all-white or gray color palette, place a bold tile on the floor to break it up.
  • Pendant lighting is a chance for your style to shine. Find a shape, color or patterned covering that inspires you that you’ll never grow tired of. However, avoid anything in a primary color – neutral and smart yet artful is best.
  • Add a dash of art to pull it all together. Pick a photo you love, an abstract piece, art that embodies your color palette, it doesn’t even have to relate to eating. We already know what’s going to happen in the kitchen, so we don’t need a sign to tell us every day.
  • Be clean and tidy. Recycle that name-brand dish soap bottle ASAP! Opt for a refillable pump instead for some subtle detail. Kitchen towels can only be seen if they are clean and useful and they should not serve as decoration. Throw them under the cupboard, not over your oven.
  • Hide/store your appliances (unless they are commercial grade). Kitchens have cabinetry for a reason, so make use of them. The more countertop space you can see, the bigger your kitchen will look and feel!



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